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Anne Klocko's Vinyl Clay Artwork (650)948-5014

Phone Order Information:

1. IDENTIFY:  Note the exact name of the picture you want, and its dimensions, as there can be some confusion between similar pictures (a 16x20 Fish and a 20x24 Fish, for example.)  All dimensions are in inches.
2. SELECT:  Choose the color of the frame (usually black enamel or gold finish) if the choice is offered.  Select the color scheme, if it, too, is offered (a red and blue tub, a mauve tub, or a blue tub, for instance.) 
3. ORDER:  To place the order, call 650-948-5014, but please observe our hours. We are located in California so please recognize the time zone differences.  Please do not call earlier than 9 AM or later than 9PM Pacific Standard time.  We accept payment by credit card, personal check or money order, or PayPal.  

Our mailing address if you paying by check is: 

Anne Klocko's Vinyl Clay Artwork
646 Springer Terrace
Los Altos, CA 94024

4. TAXES/SHIPPING/HANDLING:  If we ship your picture to a California location, California sales tax must be charged. We currently ship via the United States Postal Service, 1st class or 3rd class (Parcel Post), insured. Please be aware that shipping/handling costs are not insignificant as we need to use extra care and extreme packaging measures to avoid damage in transit. Shipping art is not like shipping a pair of pajamas!  Our shipping/handling costs are offset, though, by our extremely attractive prices for original art.  So don't complain; it only makes Anne crabby.
5. CUSTOM ORDERS:  We don't do custom pictures, but we can sometimes add small personalized touches to existing designs for a fee.  For those of you carrying around a swatch of your wallpaper, we have a wide range of mat colors available if you require a custom set of border mats.  If we can accommodate you, there will be small charge for this service.  Call us if you need some mat samples. 
6. STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?  Call us at (650)948-5014 between 9AM and 8PM Pacific Standard Time or click here to e-mail us. Our email address is anne@anneklocko.com.