polymer clay
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What is Vinyl Clay Artwork?

   The material used to make this three dimensional artwork is a polymer modeling compound which I call vinyl clay. I hand mix most of the clays to get just the right coloring for each design. There may be up to fifty different colors in each picture. Individual sections are hand cut or hand formed from the various colors, and then assembled in layers to form the scenery, animals, and characters. Each figure consists of dozens of separate pieces of clay. Details are added with tiny bits of clay - even the polka dots, eyes, and the eyebrows! Nothing on the clay work is painted. A bit of hand sculpting is done and then some final poking and prodding, stabbing and sticking. The piece is baked until hard and will not fade or deteriorate. The finished piece is mounted with a compatible glue, then double or triple matted with spacers to enhance the 3-D effect of the framing.

close-up of clay work